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NEURODIVERSITY CELEBRATION WEEK runs from 18th March to 24 March 2024...

Here at Family Pathway we have been working hard with our corporate and government clients by providing ‘Neurodiversity in the workplace’ training bespoke to their workplaces and customer bases. And guess what? It has been an enormous success worth celebrating! 


With UK job vacancies on the rise and unemployment steadily declining, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to recruit and retain staff. And yet, for example, only 30% of Autistic people are in employment (despite most wanting to be). Whilst not all neurodiverse individuals can work, those in employment report facing difficulties in obtaining support and adjustments to enable them to retain their jobs, which is not much to celebrate at all is it? 

In the UK last year, the Office for National Statistics reported over 50% of managers reported they would feel uncomfortable employing/managing a member of staff with a neurodiversity. Here at Family Pathway, we absolutely want to change this for the better. Our clients who have received our Neurodiversity in the workplace training have fed back to us that their knowledge and confidence in these topic areas have improved, which will give them confidence in navigating this subject area in the future. We want to celebrate this and continue to make a positive impact by asking if we can make difference in your organisation. 

The amounts of children and adults being diagnosed and self-identifying as neurodiverse is steeply rising, and this is due to greater awareness of conditions generally as well as widening of diagnostic criteria. As the numbers rise, it is becoming vital that organisations are able to increase their knowledge and understanding of neurodiversity to stay ahead of the game; what it means for all areas of the workplace (and beyond!), how to enable, support and manage neurodiverse staff colleagues and even clients – as well as how your business can harness the proven benefits of  neuroinclusivity. 

Let Family Pathway enable you to become more fluent in the language of neurodiversity so that you can be ‘on top of the game’ and harness the benefits of neuroinclusivity within your workplace. 

·                     Increase awareness of Neurodiversity 

·                     Boost your organisation’s productivity/morale and confidence. 

·                     Incorporate neuroinclusive practices into the workplace. 

·                     Become a neurodiversity ally!  

·                     Become a neuroinclusive employer of choice. 

At Family Pathway, we offer a range of quality services to employers and employees that can result in Neurodiversity in the workplace being a much less daunting prospect, with positive outcomes for organisation and employees that are worth celebrating. As well as our increasingly popular and successful “Neurodiversity in the workplace” training, we can also offer the following: 

-Specialist technical HR support for managers who are dealing with complex neurodiversity employment issues,  

-1-2-1 coaching for managers and employees facing issues associated with Neurodiversity. 

- Facilitated conversations between employers and employees 

- Access to work scheme application support 

...and so much more. 


If you would like to collaborate with us, please hit reply and send us an email with the words “Neurodiversity Celebration” plus a name and contact number and we will contact you for a free 30-minute discussion. We would love to hear from you!


Happy Neurodiversity Celebration week 😊 



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