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Additional Learning Needs Advocacy Training

WE enable you to get the

help you need for all

matters of Additional Learning Needs.


Our approach is holistic and caring, underpinned by developing strong relationships with families, learners and schools:
Additional Learning Needs Advocacy Training

NEW - Obtaining an IDP below.

Our Additional Learning Needs Services

At Family Pathway we provide Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (ALN/SEND) Consultancy in England and in Wales. We translate the ALN and SEND Code of Practice, to make it easy to understand and empower you to make the right choices for your child. We are happy to work independently or collaboratively to enable families to get the best outcome for their child.
Our aim is to provide independent specialist support, working closely with parents and young people to provide you with the tools, confidence and resilience to get the support you need. All our work includes a focus on relationships within the family and with the school by strengthening communication, negotiation, decision-making and strategies to reduce conflict, and increase collaboration.
We translate the ALN/SEN code of practice for you.

We provide you with guidance on the SEND/ALN Code of Practice and general Special Needs practice.
We help you understand your rights and choices.

We can accompany you to meetings and provide you with the ALN specialist support that you need, as well as advocate for you and your child.
We provide step by step advice and support for families in all areas of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities; in areas such as applications for assessments, lodging appeals, IDP and EHCP checks; review evidence, ensure provision is carried out and attend school meetings. Wheer it has been necessary, we have also supported families with managing the tribunal process.
Family Pathway advises families to initially familiarise themselves with services that provide free resources and support. Do have a look at the recommended websites below. We are happy to answer your questions and concerns. We initially provide you with a free 30 min consultation.

If you are in Wales:                                                  If you are in England:

SNAP Additional Learning Needs Advocacy Training
IPSEA Additional Learning Needs Advocacy Training
Our Services support all matters of Special Education Needs in England and in Wales.


Obtaining an IDP - Wales 
Planning for the Person-Centred Meeting with the SENCO/ALNCO

coming soon
Working on Section 2A - IDP (Wales)
Working on Section 2B - IDP (Wales)

coming soon
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