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What our clients say:

We are privileged to work across a wide range of sectors, raising awareness and understanding in All matters of Neurodiversity, i.e. Human Differences.
  • Great clarity on definitions of disorders.
  • I enjoyed the session and greatly appreciated the overview of symptoms of different disorders.
  • Very Engaging course. Full of information and enlightening. Include follow up details at end of session for follow up questions?
  • Really well delivered.
  • Excellent content. Very thought provoking.
  • Great session. Looking forward to the next. Diolch.
  • Excellent trainers, exceptionally knowledgeable, patient and willing to answer and explore all questions.
  • Great session, the activities helped to make the session more engaging.
  • Absolutely loved this course. Would of liked a full day of it as so much to learn. Thank you :)
  • Very informative and educational. Helped further develop understanding with very engaging activity and material. p.s. trainers were fantastic.
  • Really enjoyed - thank you. I think everyone who works with people should receive training/ awareness sessions on ESF & neurodiversity - including the people who make the decisions lol.
  • The training was very helpful
  • I have a better understanding of ‘soft skills’
  • I have a better awareness of my own knowledge
  • I feel that I am better informed about barriers at work
  • Excellent  delivery
  • We would like future training to be less generic and more focused on individuals and their issues
  • Knowing how to approach people in the workplace if I recognise, they don't seem themselves.
  • I am more aware of other people and how they work, and have a better understanding around anything that may need altering such as the  environment etc.
  • I did some further research and now understand why I act the way I do in certain situations. I now feel that this training has developed a greater awareness of myself.
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