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A Practical  Guide to Executive Function

Executive Functioning Skills
Executive Functioning Skills
Executive Functioning Skills
Developing Our Awareness of Executive Functioning Skills
Executive functioning skills are basic self-management skills that enable individual people to lead healthy and fulfilled lives. Brain scientists agree that when children, young people and adults develop strong working memory, self-control, or self-regulation, and the ability to maintain and shift attention, individuals experience life changing benefits as these are the foundations for successful social and academic experiences.

Click on the image above - The Practical Guide to Executive Functioning Skills, you will access a neuroscience website which has been translated into easy to understand and practical use on the latest research in this area.  

What we know is that well-developed executive functioning skills unlock human potential; deficits in Executive functioning prevents us from living up to our personal best. The degree to which all humans develop these abilities depends on the nature and quality of the experiences they have during infancy, throughout childhood, and into adolescence. All children with additional learning needs have significant deficits in many of these key skills.

The video below provides you with further insight into the power of training and developing executive functioning skills.
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