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Our coaching model is delivered by specialist staff and has been developed to offer life-changing expert coaching for adults, parents and young people. You will be carefully matched to the most suited coach, to meet your needs. All our coaches are expert in executive functioning skills, which are basic mental skills to live and lead fulfilling lives, as well as emotion coaching. What we know, through well documented research, is that the brain's neuropathways are highly malleable in nature and that explicit and targeted coaching helps individuals to develop the skills needed to overcome personal barriers in executive functioning challenges. At Family Pathway we enable individuals and families to gain life-changing insights and practical strategies to empower you to thrive – not in spite of your uniqueness, but because of it. 

We at Family Pathway also provide LGBTQ+ informed care. Our values are underpinned by securing that we break down barriers to Inclusive Mental Health Care and Connection across all communities that we work with.


We work collaboratively with Inclusion experts & people with lived experiences.
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Being an LGBTQ+ ally is about helping to create an inclusive environment where everyone can be themselves. The Stonewall 2018 LGBT in Britain - Work Report found that more than a third of LGBTQ+ adults in work (35%) have hidden that they are LGBTQ+ at work for fear of discrimination. The Stonewall 2018 LGBT in Britain - University Report also found that two in five LGBTQ+ students (42%) have hidden their identity at university for fear of discrimination.
People perform better when they can be themselves. We want to support communities, where everyone can bring their true selves to their home, school and work environments, and a place where all young people and adults feel safe and included.
Remember, If you’re heterosexual and cisgender, you can be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community too!

Inclusion is the work of being a better human being, to other human beings.
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