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Young People, Adults

Our coaching model is delivered by specialist staff and has been founded to offer life-changing expert coaching for adults, parents and young people. You will be carefully matched to the most suited coach, to meet your needs. All our coaches are expert in executive functioning skills, which are basic mental skills to live and lead fulfilling lives, as well as emotion coaching. What we know, through well documented research, is that the brain's neuropathways are highly malleable in nature and that explicit and targeted coaching helps individuals to develop the skills needed to overcome personal barriers in executive functioning challenges. At Family Pathway we enable individuals and families to gain life-changing insights and practical strategies to empower you to thrive – not in spite of your uniqueness, but because of it. 

Coaching for Parents and Young People to live their best lives

Our coaching programmes take a collaborative approach, involving the parents, the child and the young person and where possible other adults involved in supporting the young person. We work with families to help you get unstuck and understand why your child isn't thriving, doesn't like learning, doesn't know how to learn or cope with everyday tasks, by building resilience with parents and young people to experience personal success and personal achievement. At Family Pathway we understand that the best nutrient for helping your child manage and support complex challenges, is by securing loving relationships. Research identifies that safe relationships calms the nervous system down, placing individuals and families in a stronger position to problem solve and organise for their needs. Following a mixture of informal conversations and tailored screeners, we develop a person-centered intensive plan of coaching to remove the blocks that are stopping parents, children and young people from living rich, happy fulfilled lives.

What happens first?

We offer you an initial free consultation, which enables you to consider your options. We advise you to navigate our website, including looking at our free resources, so that when we sit down for the initial consultation you are able to explore how best we can meet your needs. We aim to answer the questions you have yet to find the answers to.

At Family Pathway, we use a range of screeners and assessments. It is important to emphasise that at Family Pathway, we are very keen to not get trapped with labelling individuals. We believe that labels do not define individuals, however understanding individual challenges enables us to work with you to overcome your personal barriers and develop your resilience to reach your excellence. ​

Tailored screeners and assessments used by Family Pathway:

Our specialties in Specific Learning Difficulties, includes specialists in occupational therapy, executive functioning development, emotion coaching and school inclusion. We understand the difficulties and challenges faced by families and learners and the wider impact it has on their lives, school, work and friendships. Our work therefore takes a holistic and caring approach which focuses on relationships within the family and your child's school enabling communication, negotiation, decision-making and strategies to reduce conflict and maintain a consistent and positive approach.