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Parents and Child


  • We provide advocacy services
  • We provide specialist support in all matters of neurological differences
  • We help you to understand your child's brain and how to identify behaviour triggers
  • We recognise Behaviour as a Symptom
Whole Family Transformation
Our Parent Coaching programme is an evidence-tested approach to help parents be prepared for the challenges alongside the joys of parenthood. We provide specialist Parent Coaching for families who need guidance and support for their child that has additional learning needs and support all parents and professionals with brain science-based strategies to improve behaviour and connection to enable your child to thrive.

Our approach is based on developing relationship satisfaction within the home as well as with your child's school – We offer professional guidance and support to empower parents to problem solve challenges by providing tools that develop understanding and awareness to enable a more effective working partnership with schools and services when planning for your child.
Additional Needs
We provide specialist Parent Coaching for families who need guidance and support for their child that has additional learning needs, ALN in Wales, and SEND in England. We empower parents to problem solve challenges, anticipate needs by providing tools and guidance for parents to develop awareness, connection and to be equal partners with schools and services when planning for their child - click

 What happens next?

Our work is based on supporting parents, teachers and other involved adults to develop a mindset and understanding that will have a positive impact on your child's behaviour, improve your child's success, and reduce the stress across your entire family.
At Family Pathway, we base our approach on remaining curious around each individual that we work with and to support us we also use science-based screeners and assessments to deepen our understanding. Understanding individual challenges enables us to work with you to overcome your personal barriers and develop your resilience so that you and your family can thrive.
We can offer you an initial free consultation to enable consideration of next steps and an assessment of your support requirements, and we will aim to answer the questions you have yet to find the answers to. Meanwhile, please explore our website, and look at our Menu of Services…
Training for Professionals and Parents - Planning for an Enhanced Transition from Year 6 to Year 7. Online and F2F.
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Empower your voice, build your knowledge:

A masterclass for parents on obtaining an IDP
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