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A day in the life of a teen with ADHD
Let me introduce you to Seamus. Seamus is in year 9 and has ADHD.
Seamus hates school and struggles in all lessons. It is complicated for Seamus as teachers don't understand his struggles and he feels that they don't like him and that he doesn't belong. At home, mum and dad are trying hard to help Seamus, but school makes them feel like they are bad parents which is very upsetting, resulting in parents and Seamus not trusting the school. 




It is important to understand that not everyone with ADHD have the same symptoms or level of severity. ADHD diagnosis are separated into three types or presentations:

  • Predominantly inattentive

  • Predominantly hyperactive/impulsive  

  • Combined type

In our experience, those with ADHD often have other existing conditions such as anxiety, learning disabilities and depression. There is also significant evidence to show increased school exclusion rates and higher risk for challenges in adulthood, even when a child is on the special educational needs register.

The good news is that despite there not being a cure for ADHD, with the right coping mechanisms, support and treatment those with ADHD can thrive in life and achieve anything they choose to.   

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