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Every Learner Succeeding & Achieving – Cathays Youth Empowerment Projects
The aim of our projects is to empower young adults (18-25) who have Additional Needs, and are currently not able to access learning or employment, providing Person-Centred Coaching to enable them to access meaningful employment and/or volunteer opportunities.
    If you want to get involved, we take referrals directly from Colleges, Alternative Providers, Schools, Social Care and Youth Services.

    Our Story so far...
    Part 1: 10 weeks learning to reach qualifications.
    In part 1 of the project, young people will:
    1. Access tailored learning opportunities in a work-based learning environment. Training opportunities will cater to different learning styles and a range of abilities. This includes interactive modules, hands-on workshops, and experiential learning opportunities. It focuses on developing life and transferrable skills to enhance independence, self-esteem, confidence and self-efficacy.
    ​   2. Kitchen Project - Work towards and receive qualifications in: Food Safety Level 2; COSH                                                 qualification level 2; Manual Handling level 2;  First Aid Level 3. This will be done over the period of  10 weeks.           We have partnered with the Cardiff Adults Into Work (LA) who are delivering these qualifications.


    ​Part 2 for Kitchen Project: 5 weeks work experience running the Cathays Community Kitchen.
    In part 2 of this project, young people will:
    1. Supported work experience for 5 weeks at Cathays Community Centre.  This includes procuring, preparing, storing and serving nutritious meals in the Cathays community. 
        2. Develop routine and structure by being in a safe and structured environment, providing a sense of                              stability and predictability. This can also support to reduce stress and irritability for those                                                experiencing mental health challenges. The act of cooking itself can be therapeutic and help develop focus              whilst engaging in a creative task.  
    Part 3 for Kitchen Project: Minimum of 10 weeks volunteer work with access to one-to-one person-centred coaching.  
    In part 3 of the project, young people will:
    Post-training and work experience support., part 3 will be a minimum of 10 weeks volunteering work with well planned and suitable employers in the local community, supported by their Person-Centred coach (each placement will be planned according to needs of each participant). This will also include the coach supporting and exploring employment and further learning opportunities, supporting both learner and potential employer and/or learning provider in enabling a smooth transition.
    Every Learner Succeeding Achieving
    First Aid Lv3 - qualifications
    Employability Skills
    Cooking for the Community Kitchen
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