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Additional Educational  Needs Services
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Parent Request
The initial stage starts with an insight free consultation, and once parents provide us with information relating to their child, including school reports and other professional information relating to the child's needs, we will create a Parent request report. 

Parents will then be able to pursue their request to the school (Wales) or LA in England.

Our team are efficient and successful in presenting bespoke cases for families.

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This service offers you the reassurance of knowing that all considerations have been made and included in your child's draft IDP/EHCP. This provides you with the opportunity to cross-reference the draft and it will help you to consider whether you might need to request adjustments or make an appeal.

It is not our practice to tell the school or LA what needs to be included, however, it does give the school/LA the opportunity to consider whether they need to revise their drafts. Where schools/LA do not take this on board, it gives you the parent the choice to appeal.

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Parent Coaching
This initial stage starts with an insight free consultation. We will ask you to complete a small questionnaire in advance of our meeting which will take about 20minutes, to ensure that we can maximise on your free consultation. Parent coaching can make all the difference in improving the quality of your and your child's lives. Our coaching service will help parents to explore their different concerns and perspectives. Often our approach reduces tensions and conflict within the home and school, and more importantly it provides your child with healthier guidance and support.  
We support parents by helping them to understand their child through the lens of their child's needs and how this impacts on their communication, actions and emotional reactions in the home and at school. 
​By connecting the parent with their child's challenges, both in terms of their learning, behaviours and emotional development, we can then support you to identify tools and strategies that enables your child to lead a healthier and happier life, both at home and at school.

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