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See dyslexia differently

The following animation was created by the British Dyslexia Association and it seeks to preempt misconceptions. It sheds light on the real challenges that dyslexic children face whilst acknowledging their strengths and potential.

Dyslexia Plus

Who is it for?

This Dyslexia+ Screener is for anyone who thinks they may have dyslexia, or someone has suggested that you may have, and should consider being screened. This is the first stage of establishing whether this is likely. This screener also assesses young person's skills profile and helps us to understand their learning profile, both in terms of strengths and weaknesses. This then gives the Family Pathway Academic Coach the opportunity to work with the young person and enable them to overcome the barriers that are in their way.

This assessment will confirm both strengths and weaknesses and will also inform the young person if their profile is consistent with someone who is dyslexic.

What do I get if I complete it?

You will have access to:
An overall picture of the young person's ‘spiky’ profile. Parents and the young person will also be able to engage with a Family Pathway Academic Coach, who will work closely with the young person in developing the confidence and skills, enabling them to manage and overcome their barriers, and in turn to gain independence so that the young person can thrive at home and at school. Our approach will always include providing feedback to parents to ensure that we work closely in partnership together.


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