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Parent/Adult Coaching Fees
Parent ALN Advocacy
Learner Advocacy
Parent Coaching
Parent coaching can make all the difference in improving your family's quality of life. Our coaching service will help you to explore your concerns and perspectives. Our approach reduces tensions and conflict within the home, and more importantly it empowers you to provide your child with healthier guidance and support.  

-Supporting with meltdowns in the home;
- Feeling that your child is not coping and as a parent you are feeling helpless;
- Your child is disengaged from school, can't seem to learn and struggles with friendships;
- Click here for further examples.

- Your child's school is not engaging with your child's Additional Needs;

- The school is not adhering to the ALN/SEND Code of Practice;
- The IDP/EHCP is not fit for purpose;

- You have a difficult relationship with the school;
- Your child is being excluded from school;
- Your child is struggling to ACCESS education.

ADHD Coaching

Parent support @meetings

Attending meetings to ensure your child’s needs are being attended to or seeking support for your child can be a very stressful experience. We know that parents can feel vulnerable, overwhelmed, lost, and talked at instead of talked to at these meetings.
During these meetings you may:
  • Feel your voice and your child’s voice is not properly heard.  
  • Feel your child’s school and/or other professional are not connecting to your child’s needs.
  • Feel you are being judged, blamed, criticised on your parenting by other professionals.
  • Feel you need support in asking the right questions.
  • Feel bombarded with terms and practices you are not used to.
Family Pathway can help you!
Types of meetings that we attend:
- Annual Reviews;
- IDP meetings;
- Pastoral Support Plan Meetings;
- Re-integration meeting following an exclusion;
- Attendance meetings;
- Risk-assessment meeting;
- Part-time timetable meeting;
- Managed move meeting.
Adult ADHD Coaching
Following your free consultation, we complete an occupational profile. This is a way for us to get to know you more, it enables us to understand more about your daily activities, what is important to you and what the challenges or obstacles are. In other words, what makes you, YOU.

This is then topped up with identifying your strengths and needs in your executive functioning skills (key skills impacted by ADHD). Alongside understanding your interests and motivation we work with you on identifying meaningful goals. We will then work closely with you to devise a personalised coaching plan.

The coaching plan will include a detailed comprehensive report outlining the proposed plan of support which will be supported with weekly sessions and regular check-ins as per individual needs.

The aim of the ADHD adult coaching is to work with you on creating a pathway that will help you to reach your goals. This is done by developing the mindset, tools and strategies needed to help you along your personal journey.   

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