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How you as a business can invest in the wellbeing of your staff...

HR & Neurodiversity Specialist Consultancy
  • Solution focussed expert technical HR advice and guidance on neurodiversity matters in the workplace


  • Facilitation of collaborative conversations between managers and neurodiverse employees


  • Reasonable adjustment advice and guidance


  • Collaborative manager/employee Access to work application facilitation


  • Neurodiversity in the workplace awareness training


  • Championing Neurodiversity Training CPD workshops


  • Coaching and mentoring for neurodiverse managers and employees


  • HR practices/policy/procedure around all matters that includes neurodiversity. 

Why not subscribe to a Family Pathway Champion package, choosing one of the following options:

  • Sponsor a vulnerable young person 16+ to access learning and/or employment, by contributing 10 sessions.



  • A monthly contribution which is ringfenced specifically for gifted services in the community, enabling needs led support for individuals who cannot access specialist support or are on extremely long waiting lists.

In return, Family Pathway will provide:

Family Pathway provides monthly events to business, running face to face and online workshops at  lunchtimes and special work events  in areas:

  • Neurodiversity and disability in the workplace;

  • Developing a diverse and inclusive  mind, attitude and environment - LGBTQ+ Awareness;

  • Mental Health Awareness;

  • Managing Mental Wellbeing at Work;

  • Understanding the law around the Equalities Act 2010 and the Special Needs Code of Practice (2015), rights and responsibilities.

Businesses that use our services
We feel privileged that the following businesses champion our work at Family Pathway, and have been very generous with both monetary donations, as well as donating their services and time to strengthen our service delivery at Family Pathway.
This has meant that Family Pathway is able to gift services to disadvantaged and vulnerable young people who are in need and who want to be able to access learning or employment.






Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.           

John D. Rockerfeller Jr.

£40 provides a disadvantaged child with an initial session of one to one academic coaching, developing their skills in executive functioning skills. We have many families who would like to access our expertise but cannot afford it. All gifted funds will be made available to families who are on low income support. Your gift can reduce isolation, loneliness and it will change the life of a child and family.
1 % for People and 1% for the Planet

We want to have a consistent and long term positive impact on the world. That's why we pledge to donate 2% of each purchase to humanitarian and environmental charities.

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