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We work with individuals and we personalise 1:1  study skills support, tailored to your learning profile which is delivered by a specialist professional. Lesson content will be planned according to each individual learner's needs.

Isn't it crazy, we spend so many hours in school and college, where we are filled with facts and information that we are expected to learn? Yet, we are not taught HOW to learn. This is especially important because we are all so different and learn in different ways.

At Family Pathway our expert knowledge means that we can support YOU with exactly this. Understanding how YOU learn, enhancing the skills you need to achieve your goals, means you can achieve your ambitions. At Family Pathway, we help you to thrive, regardless of the learning challenges you currently experience.

Our personlised programmes are suitable to all types of learners whether you are struggling with ADHD, lacking motivation, not hitting your potential, or even if you just want to improve your grades. We have professionals that suit all needs.

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SUP Yoga
We coach and support Young people with using their Access Arrangements purposefully to maximise their potential.

The following is FREE guidance for Young People and parents about their rights when using Access arrangements as well as advice on how to make the most of this :

Executive Functioning Skills
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