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At Family Pathway we work with young people who are struggling with learning. This could be due to not seeing the point of learning, are disengaged, or just going through the motions. It could also be that despite working extremely hard they are despondent as they put so much pressure on themselves but struggle to achieve their desired results.  

Young People

Coaching for Children and Young People
All children through childhood and adolescence, right into their twenties develop key skills that gives them the confidence and resilience to be productive and happy in their life choices. 
Individuals are not born with these skills which are crucial to learning, to how they feel about themselves, manage behaviour, making good decisions, as well as building connections and relationships, skills that provide them with a strong foundation for life into adulthood. 
Individuals who experience these type of challenges, may find everyday expectations and tasks a struggle, such as:
  • Keeping track of time
  • Staying focused on a task
  • Getting started on a task
  • Negative attitude to learning
  • Gaps in their knowledge
  • Often get bored and disengaged
  • Has low self-esteem and does not feel capable
  • Can get withdrawn, particularly around matters to do with school
  • Can get easily angry and starts to destroy personal items
"The trouble was that (she) the teacher gave me too many instructions. By the time I got to where I needed to be I had forgotten all but the last one and that didn't make any sense on it's own. So I hid."
Emma age 11
How we make a difference
Academic Coaching for a Primary School Young Person

In primary school, young people are affected with managing the pressure of new expectations, routines, moving into secondary coupled with changes to their friendship groups.

Change at times can lead to anxious thoughts, self-doubt, low confidence and self-esteem issues. This can bring on a sense of helplessness and confusion.

At Family Pathway, we are able to work with your child, offering fun, friendly and engaging coaching to harness their confidence and enable them to manage their emotions.

When young people feel that they can manage their emotions, this gives them the confidence to make the best choices for themselves

Academic Coaching for a Secondary School Young Person

In secondary school, young people at times can feel overwhelmed with the demands and expectations set by school staff as well as their peers.

The challenging experiences faced by adolescents means that often because they don’t understand how to regulate their emotions, they shut off from adults around them and disengage from learning. This in turn can result in disruptive behaviour at school and at home, including social isolation and school refusal.

Family Pathway offers compassionate and a professional service to young people, parents and schools, enabling a bespoke person-centered focused solution, underpinned by developing their executive functioning skills during those troubling times.

                                Some of the challenges that your child may be expressing:

Smiling Young Woman
At Home
At Home
  • "I can't make friends".

  • "I  can’t do my homework, it's boring and don’t know how to start".

  • "I don’t  know how to revise at home, it's stressful and I don’t know where to start". 

  • "I don't remember what homework needs to be done".

  • "I spend too much time on my technology - don't do my chores and school work".

  • "Mum always nags me about school work, she  doesn’t get it".

  • "I’m scared of going to school sometimes because I get teased and bullied by others, so I want to stay at home".

  • "I feel down all the time and I want to stay in my bedroom, eat in my bedroom and just want to be with my online friends".

  • "My mum just doesn’t get me and I don’t feel I can talk to her".

  • "I don't get on with my step-dad/step-mum".

  • "I just can't be like other kids, I don't feel that I fit in.".

Smiling Young Woman
At School
At School
  • Strained and difficult relationships with peers and teachers.

  • "I get into trouble at school for incomplete classwork and lack of homework".

  • "My grades are rubbish and I feel that I’m not clever like the other kids".

  • "I can’t always keep up with the lessons as I can’t focus for long, so I don’t understand".

  • "I get easily distracted, so get told off".

  • "My teachers pick on me, they just don’t get me.  

  • "I feel tired at school and find it difficult to concentrate".

  • "Lessons are boring, so I mess about and get in trouble".

  • "I don’t want to go to school. Teachers shout at me and I get lots of detentions, it makes me feel cross and stupid".

  • I keep to myself at school, I don’t ask for help but when I get home I get angry and stressed with my family because I am so fed up of school being so hard, noisy, I can’t keep up and no-one seems to care".

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Young People
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