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At Family Pathway, we provide a professional, and person centred coaching solution. Our expertise is around working with individuals that struggle to overcome personal barriers, including environmental challenges. All our coaches are expert in working with the wide spectrum of neurological differences and needs.

 Youth & Adults

Coaching for Adults & Youth
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Family Pathway Person-Centred Coaching focuses on helping you know what your strengths are, developing your skills further so you can overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.
Some of the skills you will develop further are:
·         Time management
·         Organisation
·         Completing tasks
·         Being focused
·         Motivation  
·         Regulating emotions
·         Being adaptable to change
·         Manage your procrastination
We will support you to achieve your goals using a 6-step approach.  

Step 1 – Connecting
You and your coach will get to know each other and begin to build a working relationship. This will be an informal chat so your coach can understand you better. For example, what are your areas of concerns, what are the things you like and not like doing, how do you view yourself, what is your best way to learn, what motivates you.
Step 2 – Assessments
From our chats we may want to conduct further assessments to see if there are any specific needs. This could be around anxiety levels, your working memory, the way you process sensory information and your executive functioning skills, i.e. habits of mind.
Step 3 – Needs and Strengths
Together with your coach, you will identify and work out your strengths and what your needs are. Basically, what is stopping you from doing the things you need, want and are expected to do.
Step 4 – Goals
With your coach you will choose meaningful and realistic goals. We will work together in breaking these down into smaller targets.
Step 5 – Intervention
Based on your goals, your coach will create a unique intervention plan on how you could achieve your targets. In other words, how will your coach support you reach your goal. This will be the part you will be working on, through developing the skills you need as well as reducing identified barriers that stand in your way. We work with you, so that you can reach your goal, by working together, learn new strategies and techniques so you can develop positive habits to enable you to live as independently and fulfilled as possible.
Interventions could include:
·         Helping you create and keep better daily routines
·         Exploring what ways, you learn best and how to put this in practice
·         Interview preparation
·         Coping strategies to reduce anxieties around education and/or work
·         Communication skills
·         Self-advocacy (supporting you to know about your needs and how to communicate these to others            and what your rights are)
·         Supporting you understand your neurodiversity, for example, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism (ASD),                      Dyspraxia.
·         Exploring LGBTQ+ related anxieties and how these may impact you in accessing education and/or            work
Step 6 – Evaluation  
Throughout your coaching program we will be regularly working with you on your progress to check how the intervention plan is supporting you in achieving your targets. Sometimes we may need to make tweaks along the way, to ensure that the intervention plan is working for you.
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